Wedding Registration

Weddings are filled with love, family and celebrating, but before the actual day arrives Loma Vista wants to help couples prepare in any way providing counseling, resources, and officiant services. If you'd like more information or would like to begin the wedding counseling and ceremony process, click here:

Counseling Referral List

Part of our church’s mission is to strengthen marriage relationships. Sometimes even the healthiest marriages need some perspective, instruction and encouragement. We’ve identified some of the finest Christian marriage and family counselors in our area. Please download our list for a specific counselor, their policies, availability, and rates.

Marriage Tips

Every marriage needs instruction and help from time to time. The bible provides us patterns and instructions that are necessary for us to repair and strengthen our marriages. Download the “5 Biblical Truths of Marriages” hand out taken from Pastor Joe’s marriage class called, "Understanding Your Spouse."