Our Values

Culture & Values

Many people wonder what makes our church different or unique from all the other wonderful churches in our area. The answer is our culture and values. These cultural distinctives and core values dictate how we behave, conduct ministry and treat each other. They don’t make us better, just unique.


The people are friendly and non-judgmental, giving each other permission to come just as they are.  We deeply desire genuine relationships in which people are seen and known.

The families are well represented with most of the members, children, youth, parents and grandparents, sharing the same ministry experiences.  We value an intergenerational experience sharing the wisdom each age group provides.

The music, graphic arts and technology are youthful, energetic and consistent with current trends in hopes to reach the largest segments of the Loma Vista community.

The programs are noticeably informal and simple, with a high commitment to the gospel of Christ and to scripture.  Each event, class, or program has a specific intention and goal, helping people take the next step towards Christ.

The leadership strives to be accessible and approachable, and serves in a harmonious, playful work environment.  They are goal-driven, creative, very strategic and intentional.


Value #1. Community – Focus

We want to be a church that is highly involved in the community, not isolated from it. Our desire is to be “salt” and “light” to a decaying, dark world by our actions and presence.

Value #2. Culturally – Relevant

Our services reflect the idioms, culture and customs of our area for our time. We don’t want people to feel like they’ve entered a time-warp by attending our services. The message never changes but the methods always must!

Value #3. Relationally – Oriented

Everything we do needs to be based on relationships. This was one of the foundational values that started LVCC.

Value #4. Biblically – Based

Again, everything we do is based on scriptures.

Value #5. Personal – Involvement

Our job is not to get you to do what we want but for us to equip you in doing what God wants. We so desire for you to discover your gifts, get involved in service and embrace your calling in life. We are always encouraging people to experiment, create and try new things in order to find what they were made for.