Junior High

Youth Dive Deep

Reading plans to take your study deeper into the word of God and who He is.

Our Weekly Program

We meet Tuesday Nights from 7-8:30 PM in the church building!

On many occasions, the Bible uses water to describe God’s love for us. In fact, in John 4:14, Jesus says that anyone who drinks the water that He gives us will never thirst again. I want to invite you to come and experience the living water that comes from a relationship with Jesus. At LVCC JrHighTide, you will learn what it’s like to never thirst again.

Scripture can be so confusing at times and here at LVCC JrHighTide our goal is to explore scripture as it is meant to be explored. We challenge our students to dig into the Word of God and struggle with it, wrestle with it, and live it. LVCC JrHighTide is passionate about building a new generation who believe not because they have been brought up with Christianity, but believe because it’s Truth.

Join us and have your thirst quenched by Christ and Christ alone! We meet Tuesday evenings at 6:30PM at Shaw and McCall. We play games, we worship, we laugh, and we connect to other Jr. high kids! So dive in, and bring friends!

JH Events

Medical Release form for our youth events.


We are so excited you are interested in serving in the Junior High Ministry. Please follow the link to fill out our application.

Our Leader

Abby Bispo

Pastor of Family Ministries