Growth Groups FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Growth Group?
A Growth Group is a small group of people (8-15) that meet in a home weekly to share, study and support one another. An average meeting lasts for an hour and a half, often followed by light refreshments.
How Important Are Growth Groups?
Here at Loma Vista Church, Growth Groups are the backbone of our ministry. We believe that meeting weekly in a Growth Group will help you take your next step in your relationship with God and in building deep friendships with other christians.
When and Where Do They Meet?
We have Growth Groups that meet just about every day of the week throughout the Clovis/Fresno/Sanger area. Some meet in the mornings, some at noon time and most meet in the evenings.
How Long Do They Last?
We have two Growth Group seasons each year, each made up of 1-3 teaching series. The first season is September-November. The second season is February-May. Growth Groups take the summer and December-January off.
What is the Required Commitment?
We encourage participants to commit to a group for at least one teaching series (6-9 weeks). Staying together through a series helps solidify the group and establish relationships. Once the series is over you are free to switch groups, stay in your group, or take a break all together.
What Will We Study?
Most of the studies work through books of the Bible. We believe that allowing God's word to guide our study is the best to mature as Christians. Other groups are based on the previous weekend’s message. Following Sunday’s message in your Growth Group will help deepen your understanding and provides great benefits.
What About Child Care?
Growth Groups are for adults (college on up) only. (Exceptions can be made for nursing newborns, up to six months.) We leave it up to each family to work out their own child care. Sometimes it works best for families to share a sitter or to swap child care with another family whose Growth Group meets on a different evening.
How Do I Choose A Group?
When selecting a group, we strongly recommend you choose a group based on its leader-host team and station-in-life, rather than its location. Over the years, we’ve found that groups do best when members share a common Station-in-Life and other interests with their leaders, hosts, and other group members. In the end, you’ll find it’s worth the drive!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to check out the menu of groups on our Growth Groups page on our website. You can also call the church, and we will gladly assist you. Keep in mind that it might take two or three groups before you find the perfect fit, but don’t worry, you’ll find it!