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Winter 2020 Update

We strive for full disclosure and transparency, so here are some answers to common questions we’ve been receiving regarding our Ministry Center on Shaw and McCall:

Our Ministry Center at 9905 E. Shaw

“What is happening with the building process?”

The fire pump, fire tank and pump house all passed inspection by the fire marshal! The controversy regarding the addendums and plans has been resolved and signed off by the County! The lawns have been seeded and the sprinklers have been activated. The fire marshal still needs to inspect the fire sprinklers and the County inspector still needs to perform the final inspection. Both of these should be done mid-December.
Our hope is to move in before Christmas!

“When can we move in?”

Based on the construction schedule from our general contractor, KEI, it looks like sometime December '20, as long as the giving trends continue. Once we take possession, we will need to make interior improvements (i.e. stage, lights, shelves, etc.), but we'll do those each week.

Questions on the building process?

Email Dan!

Dan Dietrich

Building Team Leader

"Jesus, may the songs that fill this place give You praise..."

“Is our giving on track?”

Paul Herrick, our Campaign Team Leader, has reported very strong giving to the building project! Here are the numbers:

Campaign Goal: $550,000
Campaign Pledged: $372,282
Campaign Gifts: $384,101 (Nov'20)

Since April ‘19 we have received 70% of what our Campaign Goal and 103% of our Campaign Pledges.

Questions on the campaign?

Email Paul!

Paul Herrick

"Vision 9905" Campaign Team Leader

Participate in VISION 9905 and help us reach our goal!

“Are we going to take out a 2nd loan?”

Yes we have. Jeff Brown, our Business Administrator, has secured a second loan with Share Financial of $425K, which has provided another $405K in capital. This has made our monthly mortgage payment increase by $2,954, which has brought our total monthly mortgage from $12,477 to $15,450 starting in the spring of 2020.

Questions on finances?

Email Jeff!

Jeff Brown

Business Administrator

"Unless the Lord builds the house they that labor do so in vain..."

“Are we still going to sell a portion of the property?”

We are considering that as a future option. Nick Maxwell has spoken to realtors and explored options of selling 10-15 acres of the southern portion of our property to generate extra capital. As of now we don't have an interested party, but will remain open to future offers.

Questions on marketing?

Email Nick!

Nick Maxwell


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