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Summer 2019 Update

We strive for full disclosure and transparency, so here are some answers to common questions we’ve been receiving regarding our Ministry Center on Shaw and McCall:

“What is happening with the building process?”

As of 8/19, Dan Dietrich, our Building Team Leader, has just completed the process of changing our general contractor from Mark Wilson Construction (MWC) to Katch Environmental Incorporated (KEI). The purpose of changing was substantial savings. Paperwork had to be filed, permits transferred and other logistics had to be finalized before work could continue. We should resume construction as soon as the new contract is drafted and signed. The next phase will be polishing the concrete floors and erecting the interior walls. Kelly Owen and several of our men will be completing the landscaping and irrigation, now that we have water and power. We've also received donations on our security system, grading, landscaping and labor, saving us thousands of dollars.

“When can we move in?”

Based on the construction schedule from KEI, it looks like sometime next year, as long as the giving trends continue. However, we only have enough funds to complete the “L” at this time, rather than the full “T”. This will make for cramped areas of ministry, but it will be very doable. Next year our church turns 25 years old! What an amazing gift it would be to finish the building and move in during our 25th year of ministry!!

Questions on the building process?

Email Dan!

Dan Dietrich

Building Team Leader

“Is our giving on track?”

Paul Herrick, our Campaign Team Leader, has reported very strong giving to the building project! Here are the numbers:

Campaign Goal: $550,000
Campaign Pledged: $348,216
Campaign Gifts: $146,207

Since April ‘19 we have received 25% of what we need and 42% of what was pledged. Even with a dip in summer attendance, our giving remained strong! Because of your faithful support, we've been able to complete the DRA process, septic system, well, parking lot, permits and erect the shell of the "L."

Questions on the campaign?

Email Paul!

Paul Herrick

"Vision 9905" Campaign Team Leader

“Are we going to take out a 2nd loan?”

Yes. Jeff Brown, our Business Administrator, is working with Share Financial to secure a loan of $400K, which will net $367K in capital. Here is where we stand with our accounts:

Cost to finish "L": $840K (includes extra cost of fire sprinklers of $120K)

Building Fund Balance: $144K
Gold Star Balance: $ 70K (plus an extra $60K we’ll apply to furnishings)
Measure C Funds: $169K
2nd Loan: $367K

Difference: ($ 90K)

We hope to make up the difference with our ongoing giving and new gifts from our members and new families as we grow. We won’t be able to move in until we bridge the $90K difference.

Questions on finances?

Email Jeff!

Jeff Brown

Business Administrator

“Are we still going to sell a portion of the property?”

Yes. Nick Maxwell is leading our Marketing Team that is working with a realtor. Our hope is to sell 10-15 acres of the southern portion of our property and generate extra capital. If we can find a buyer, we hope to not only build out the “T” but have enough for furnishings and debt reduction. Please pray we find the right neighbor!

Questions on marketing?

Email Nick!

Nick Maxwell

Elder/Marketing Team Leader

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