25 Days of Prayer and Fasting

February 3rd - 27th, 2020

In honor of celebrating our 25th anniversary as a church, as well as preparing our move into our new Ministry Center, we are launching the 25 days of Prayer and Fasting February 3rd-27th.

During this time we are encouraging you to do three things:

#1 Pray

Morning - Tell Jesus you love Him and commit your day to Him.
Meals – Thank Jesus and ask that He blesses your meal.
Night - Tell Jesus you love Him and thank him for your day.

#2 Fast

Give something up for 25 days (habit, meal, activity, etc.)

#3 Read

Read one Prayer Scripture per day (see below).

Day 1/Feb 3rd: James 5:16
Day 2/Feb 4th: 2 Samuel 7:27
Day 3/Feb 5th: 1 Kings 9:3
Day 4/Feb 6th: 2 Chronicles 6:19
Day 5/Feb 7th: 2 Chronicles 6:40
Day 6/Feb 8th: 2 Chronicles 7:14
Day 7/Feb 9th: Psalm 17:6

Day 8/Feb 10th: Psalm 34:4
Day 9/Feb 11th: Psalm 69:13
Day 10/Feb 12th: Psalm 116:2
Day 11/Feb 13th: Psalm 120:1
Day 12/Feb 14th: Psalm 141:1-2
Day 13/Feb 15th: Proverbs 15:29
Day 14/Feb 16th: Matthew 6:9-13

Day 15/Feb 17th: Matthew 7:7
Day 16/Feb 18th: Matthew 17:20
Day 17/Feb 19th: Matthew 18:19
Day 18/Feb 20th: Mark 11:24
Day 19/Feb 21st: Acts 10:2
Day 20/Feb 22nd: Acts 14:23
Day 21/Feb 23rd; Romans 8:26

Day 22/Feb 24th: Romans 12:12
Day 23/Feb 25th: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Day 24/Feb 26th: Ephesians 6:18
Day 25/Feb 27th: 1 Timothy 2:1-2